Technology and Society Forum

NJIT Technology and Society Forum Series

Learning on the NJIT campus engages not only students, but alumni, faculty, staff and many friends of the university from other institutions and the surrounding community. A wide range of activities invites exploration of ideas and trends at the “edge in knowledge,” the diverse currents of thought and action that are shaping daily life around the globe.

]NJIT’s Technology and Society Forum brings key scientific, technological and social developments into sharper focus, offering both commentary and interactive exploration of the change that may be ahead for people in the United States and other nations—and how we can best prepare for such change.

2014 Technology and Society Forum Series


A new academic year once again brings insightful commentary and the celebration of artistic creativity to campus in another series of Technology and Society Forum presentations.

The first Forum Session is a celebration of Black History Month.  The next forum will take you on a voyage from earth to the edge of the observable universe.

See our archives, including many video archives.

NJIT welcomes attendees from Essex County College, Rutgers-Newark, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey to its Technology and Society Forums.